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Parish Priest: Fr Andy Graydon 

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I have created a 20 minute video on YouTube for Holy Saturday with a few tunes that Anna, Phil & I recorded and some solo duets for the ones that we hadn't recorded.  Please follow the link below:


I have created a small video on YouTube for Good Friday with a Taize tune that Anna, Dot & I recorded a few years ago.  Please follow the link below:


I have created a small video on YouTube for Maundy Thursday with a Taize tune that Anna & I recorded a few years ago.  Please follow the link below:


As Echoes of Angels were unable to host the Taize evening tonight, we decided to post a little YouTube video containing 3 popular Taize tunes:


As you will be aware all Masses, services and events at St Joseph’s church and Blessed William Richardson church have been suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Updates, as made available, will be placed on the Bulletin, on the

St Joseph’s website, on St Joseph’s Facebook page and the

St Joseph’s Parish Whats App group.  If you want to join the What’s App group please contact Monica Carroll with your mobile number


During the Parish Renewal in 1980 we established a vision of our Parish as:

"A warm, outgoing, Eucharistic community continuing Christ's work of spreading God's Kingdom in our world."

Parish Consultation, Co-responsibility and Decision-making (Agreed in February 2005):

What we have learnt at St Joseph's Dinnington -
Six Key Ingredients


1 Everybody in the parish is given a voice at key points in the

There is a need to invite the whole parish to 'gather' at key points in the development process. This might be a parish weekend or a retreat or a series of "Tuning In" Meetings.

Although large meetings are very beneficial, they are also difficult for many people in all sorts of ways. So some way of inviting everyone's voice needs to be found. This part of the 'process' will benefit from a re-visit perhaps at least once every two or three years?

2 Clarity of purpose

There is a need to become clear about what the Parish is about, possibly through a Mission statement. This might be the beginning of the process for some parishes.

During a parish renewal in 1980 we established a vision of our parish as:

"a warm, outgoing, Eucharistic community continuing Christ's work of spreading God's Kingdom in our world."

3 Conflict

Ways of facing the issues of conflict, power and authority need to be found.

We have found that conflict is inevitable and indeed perhaps necessary. It is essential to be able to draw out and listen to what is causing the conflict and to integrate this into the process.

4 A small guiding group - a reflection group

The direction needs to be guided. Things need to happen in between larger parish meetings and the larger meetings need to be prepared for and organised. We have done this through our Reflection Group.

5 Small organising groups

Workload and activity must be shared and indeed the 'organising work' of the priest minimalised. Organising groups need a brief and need to report back ultimately to the full parish.

6 Regular Open meetings including an annual day or event.

Once the process is established, perhaps an open parish meeting three times a year.

The Parish Reflection Group

The principles of our Reflection Group are:

  1. To give them authenticity, those joining the group have to be formally proposed and seconded by parishioners. (Although at the meetings they would not be regarded as representing others).

  2. They are ready to commit themselves to belonging to the group for at least one year and to attending as far as possible the monthly meeting.

  3. They accept the spirit developed in the pastoral council:
    Warm acceptance of others, listening, working positively and decision by consensus.

  4. To avoid gossip and misrepresentation, they accept that what any individual says during meetings is regarded as confidential - though the conclusions of the meetings will be officially published.
Organising Groups

Different types of organising groups are formed on the basis of the following principles:

  1. Fr Brian's and Fr Andy’s workload must be gradually reduced over a period of time

  2. There is a need to prioritise and to proceed slowly so that everyone in the parish is kept informed of proposals and developments.

  3. All meetings should be open to anyone to attend.

  4. No individual should feel isolated in any job, task or responsibility that they have taken on.

  5. All jobs should be shared if possible by at least two people (perhaps a named person and a back up person).

  6. Each person responsible for a job should ask: 'Who will be the next person to take this responsibility?"

  7. There should be a named person for each area of activity.

  8. If an area of responsibility is large the named person should form a team to share responsibility.

  9. No member of the parish should be the named person for more than one area of activity.

  10. Over a period of time, every member of the parish should be approached on a personal basis and encouraged to identify and offer a 'talent' to the parish. A 'talent list' of abilities will be drawn up.

Parish History:

The Parish was founded in 1912 and serves 18 villages

1904: A priest from Oldcotes rode to say Mass for people working on the sinking of the Colliery Shaft. Mass was said in one of the Nissen huts in what was called "Tin Town". Patrick Kennedy, an Irish Altar Server, rode on his bicycle to Kiveton Station to collect the Altar Stone for the tin chapel at Dinnington Colliery.

1907: Priest from Maltby took place of Oldcotes priest.

1910: Bishop Poskitt sent a Parish Priest to Dinnington.

1912: Father Angenant, a Dutch Priest, appointed first Parish Priest of St Joseph's by the Bishop of Leeds.

1917: Church opened and blessed by Bishop Cowgill.

1956: Church extended. Bishop Heenan blessed the church extension and told the people that next time he came he wanted to bless a school.

1964: St Joseph's School opened. Bishop George Patrick Dwyer blessed the School.

1981: Fire in St Joseph's Church. Church re-ordered after the fire.

1989: Parish Rooms added to the Church.

200?: New Front window & side windows fitted.

2012: Father Green died Friday 8 June.

History of the Priests:

1912-1919: Fr Angenant - Longest serving Priest at St Joseph's until Fr Brian Green

1919-?: Fr Whitehead

?: Fr Brady - Sick cover for Fr Whitehead

?-c1943: Fr Whitehead - Returned from sick leave

c1943-?: Fr Scannell - Mrs Cecelia Bass was his housekeeper, who followed him to his subsequent parishes. He baptised Margaret Wareing in 1943, hence we know 1 year he was priest. By the time of his death, he had been made Monsignieur.

?: Fr Forkin - Woke people up on Sunday mornings by knocking on their windows. Conducted Confirmation of Marjorie Woodhead (a convert) and Anne Woodhead (aged 8/9 - see photo). Bishop Poskitt attended.

?: Fr Connolly

c1955: Fr Edward Geaney - Started Mass in Thurcroft. Died 22/02/2001, aged 88yrs. Born County Cork and ordained 1937. Served in Leeds, Dinnington and Goldthorpe. He was Parish Priest at Bentley for over 35yrs when he died. Picture c.1955.

?-1964: Fr Kavanagh 

1964-1970: Fr John Harland Jackson - Preached the famous sermon about St Joseph: ‘He was no bloody pansy he was a full blown man’. Born in 1922. Died 17/06/2005. Studied for priesthood at Ushaw College. Ordained 13/04/1947 in Leeds. Served as Curate at: Christ the King, Leeds; St Thomas More, Sheffield; Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Leeds; & St Wilfrid's, Ripon. Fr Jackson moved from Dinnington to St Philip's, Leeds. In 1977, became Parish Priest of Blessed Sacrament, Athersley. His final appointment was at St Patrick's, Harworth, where he ministered for over 20 years.

1970-1977: Fr Patrick Waldron - Housekeeper was Mrs Margaret Winifred Wareing, who followed him to Fagley. Knew the Manager of Huddersfield Town and took the young people of the parish to Old Trafford and allowed Mr Capper to take the top class to see the Aussies at Chesterfield

1977-2008: - Fr Brian Green - Ordained on 19 July 1953.  Fr Brian was the young priest who attended the opening of the school with Bishop Moverley. He chose the hymn 'Light up the fire', to everyone’s amusement, when the church was re-opened after the fire. Father Brian has been going to Ireland for 50 years now. Father Green died on Friday 8 June 2012 after a major stroke aged 84.

2008-to date: Fr Andy Graydon - Ordained on 21 July 1979.  He came from English Martyrs, Mexborough to Dinnington.


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